The missing wedding ring on his finger saw President William Ruto get roasted by Kenyans on social media yet again on Wednesday when giving his first live media interview.

During the Swahili session of the media interview conducted from 7pm, President Ruto’s wedding ring was conspicuously absent attracting speculations from a section of Kenyans.

Owing to the wild debate the missing ring caused on the various social media platforms, the Head of State was forced to address the matter during the live English session from 9pm.

In response to a question posed by Citizen tv anchor Sam Gituku, Ruto explained that he forgot his ring during a rush to leave a meeting in his office to go for the live tv interview.

“In a hurry to come here, you know these characters, I was having a meeting in the office and then they told me ‘go dress up, you know…’ So, in the process of all that, I forgot my ring,” Dr Ruto explained.

He added, “It’s very interesting that it became a subject of discussion; I thought we were having a very serious discussion here!”

The President then went on to narrate the story of his wedding ring and cheekily blamed his wife, First Lady Rachel Ruto, for the ring missing from his finger on many previous occasions.

“You know when (First Lady) Rachel and I got married, we went to that fellow called Nagin Pattni in River Road. So, we bought rings there, it was then Sh700.

“So, of course, it got tired along the way. So, ikavunjika (it got broken). Rachel is the one who took so long to go and get a replacement. So, when she got a replacement….”

This controversy comes barely a month after President Ruto’s trip to the US in which a section of Kenyans noticed that he had the ring on unlike during his past engagements.

Ruto got married to Rachel in 1991 at the AIC church after the lovebirds met during a Christian Union rally at the University of Nairobi.

At the time, Ruto was studying botany and zoology at the University of Nairobi while his wife Rachel was taking education at Kenyatta University.