President William Ruto has inadvertently admitted that he indeed fired former Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) boss George Kinoti.

Dr Ruto’s admission in a live tv interview on Wednesday night contradicts his September 27, 2022 State House announcement that Kinoti had resigned from heading the directorate.

The Head of State revealed that opted to dismiss Kinoti from the helm of the DCI for heading a team that he accused of taking part in a number of extrajudicial killings.

Dr Ruto revealed that he had directed the Independent Policing Oversight Authority (IPOA) to investigate the said extrajudicial murders so that those found culpable can face the law.

“I had a thorough meeting with IPOA and we have agreed that it is not necessary for us to establish another taskforce when IPOA is there, and it is squarely within their mandate to tell us how Kenyans ended up being killed in this manner and it was business as usual,” said Ruto.

He said the illegal actions by “rogue” members of the National Police Service is the reason he gave Kinoti matching orders immediately he assumed office after the August 9th poll.

“30 bodies in Yala, 17 in Garissa. There was a container here at Nairobi Area where people were being slaughtered, in a police station…how did we end up there? What kind of rogue institution was that? And that is why I fired that Kinoti man, because it’s not right, good people. Of course, there will be responsibility,” he stated.

In his September 27, 2022 announcement, the president said he had received and accepted the resignation of Kinoti, who had headed the criminal investigating agency since 2018.

He then ordered the National Police Service (NPS) to announce a vacancy and advertise the position, which was later filled by Mohamed Amin following a public recruitment process.