A Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) nurse has warmed the hearts of Kenyans online after a video in which she was entertaining a hospitalised young child went viral online.

The lady who was later identified as Lukresia Rubai could be seen in the viral video dancing to the No. 1 most-viewed video on YouTube Baby Shark, which is a children’s song associated with dance involving hand movements.

The nurse left many Kenyans in awe after displaying a show of well-choreographed dance moves as she danced for the young child who seemed to have wished to join in but could do nothing more than to occasionally wave their hands to the tune and offer a wonderful smile.

All that was a precursor to the icing on the cake and the final act of kindness which was to present the young child with a present.

Kenyans expressed their love for the nurse for her noble gesture in the comment section of the video shared by one Dr Rowena Njeri, showering her with doting praises and messages of good cheer.

Here are some reactions from Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) who interacted with the video: