A video has emerged online of a police officer lamenting claing that popular content creator Mungai Eve abandoned him after he allegedly helped her out during the initial stages of her career.

In the video, which has since gone viral, the seemingly frustrated administration police officer accused Eve of jumping ship after her fortunes changed for the better based on his assistance and support.

The man exhibited a mobile phone; a Tecno Pop 4 that he claims Eve used to shoot her first videos before fame shone its lights on her.

“Guys, I have a sad story here to share with you. I know most of you will end up insulting me, but the truth should be told,” the man claimed.

“The story is about this one lady called Mungai Eve. Mungai Eve before she became famous…I don’t whether to say this or not…Mungai Eve, you know how much I struggled to make sure you recorded your first 30 videos, in fact, this is the phone we were using to record your first 30 videos; Tecno Pop 4 and I’m not afraid of reporting that. If you are a woman enough, come out and fight me back.”

The officer went ahead and claimed to have financed Eve’s meetings with his interviewees and even bought them lunch because she was allegedly broke at the time and could not afford to hold such meetings. 

"Mungai Eve, at my expense I even remember buying lunch for your for about the first 30 guys you used to interview. They completely refused to work with you because you did not have anything…so nowadays you are out there flouting your money on social media then you blocked me.

The cop also claimed to have paid Eve's house rent for five months and that he was in possession of text messages as evidence to support his claims and demanded that she refunds the money he spent on her now that she had allegedly blocked him.

“I remember I also paid your rent and I even have the caretaker’s number…I can call him. I remember the house I used to pay for you it cost Sh3800 and all the messages are here if you say I am lying…they are all here…I have all the evidence here. I paid your rent for about 5 months before you became famous Mungai Eve.

“Now that you are famous, I call you but my calls cannot go through because you have already blocked me, when are you planning to refund my expenses?” 

The man also told off those people who would criticise his move and defended himself that all he wanted was his money back.

He demanded a tablet he claimed to have bought Eve and also accused her of cheating on him with a certain man from Utawala, which was the purported genesis of their purported relationship troubles.

“And that tablet I bought you, I want it back. Before you started cheating on me with that man from Utawala, before we started quarrelling. So you were creating trouble for us to quarrel with the intention of having us break up then you move on with your life because YouTube had already started paying you,” he claimed.

“Mungai Eve we know you… I know you so tell that guy you are with I want my properties and I am now pleading with you. And if you people think that I am lying everything is here, I have messages on this phone. The messages between myself and Mungai, how she insulted me.”

But in a phone interview on K24 on Wednesday, Eve denied the man saying he has never had a relationship with him and that he was just using her name to chase clout. She revealed that her lawyer was handling the matter after reportedly reaching out to the officer.