Wealthy city businessman Jimi Wanjigi has on Thursday gifted comedian Eric Omondi the expensive Chrysler Crossfire which the comedian will use to traverse the country campaigning for his 2022 presidential bid.

In a video shared on Instagram by the comedian, they are seen walking towards the brand new car as they conversed about how Wanjigi would beat the rest of the top seat’s aspirant and become the 5th president.

Wanjigi can be heard using his slogan ‘fagia wote’ as he congratulated Omondi for choosing to stand with him and push his candidacy.

The comedian had visited the politician at his Muthaiga residence.

“You are doing a good job by marketing this dream to the entire nation. Ni lazima tufagie wote na hii gari ni ya kuspread hiyo message. It is a very solid car,” Wanjigi can be heard telling Eric as he hands over the car key.

Taking to the caption section of the video on Instagram, Omondi thanked Wanjigi for the gift and promised to campaign for him until he becomes the next president.

 “ Thank you your excellency the 5th president of Kenya for this gift. Wacha kazi ianze. Fagia wote,” he wrote.