Celebrated musician Nadia Mukami has recently opened up about fake friends in the entertainment industry.

The African pop star also revealed the disadvantages that come with being famous.

Taking to her Instagram account, Nadia highlighted how friends in the industry want to take advantage of one's fame and after benefiting from it, they distance themselves.

Adding on, she said that most of the friends are in competition while others just like the idea that one has.

 "fame is so messed up, the truth is that 90% of those close friends aren't really friends, they just like the idea of what you have, others are low key in a competition with you, others want to use you," She wrote in part.

Nadia also took time to advise people noting that they should charge everyone because when they lose relevance all those friends will have disappeared.

"I always say charge everyone because the moment you ain't hot everyone will disappear," she wrote on her Instagram story.