City lawyer Karen Nyamu has come out to expose her baby daddy, popular mugithi singer Samidoh Muchoki, whom she accused of allegedly beating her.

In a live video shared by Nyamu on her Insta Story, she alleged that Samidoh had beaten her accusing her of cheating on him with multiple men during her recent Mombasa trip.


Nyamu disclosed that the said argument started on WhatsApp when an "insecure" Samidoh saw her chatting with an undisclosed man, a chat she satys was about business.

“It’s Samidoh, someone told him that I was seen in Mombasa with a man, as if my colleagues are all females,” she said.

An emotional Nyamu claims Samidoh pummeled on her at her house and even crashed her phone in a bid to block her from using it to communicate with the alleged male companion.

Samidoh Muchoki. PHOTO/COURTESY

She alleged that while beating her in the presence of her crying daughter, Samidoh threatened to kill her and even take himself to Kamiti Maximum Prison for imprisonment.

Nyamu vowed to teach the popular Kikuyu musician a lesson, warning other women not to entertain violent men.

“I have been beaten. My hair has been removed. And I am just three months pregnant. We women are so stupid, we have to teach these violent guys a lesson. I Am shocked, my daughter has cried,” Nyamu said in the video.

She continued to claim the ordeal had left her in shock because she was reportedly three-months pregnant with Samidoh's second baby.


The controversial lovers already have a son together named Sam Junior.

The lawyer and politician further displayed her broken iPhone and vowed to take legal action against Samidoh for allegedly assaulting her.

“We must make this a lesson for all men who think they can beat women and get away with it. This is unacceptable. We will deal with this legally,” she vowed.

Samidoh is yet to respond to the allegations that come months after he vowed to let Nyamu go and focus on his marriage with Edith Muchoki while taking care of his baby with Nyamu.