Musician Ndovu Kuu alongside his co-singers rapper Khaligraph and Boutross are all smiles after their popular song Ndovu ni Kuu was returned to YouTube after being pulled down over copyright infringement claims.

The song was deleted after an upcoming dancehall, RnB and reggae artist identified as Dexta Briyanka accused the musician of sampling his beats.

“I didn’t mean to be rude my people. Khaligraph and Krispah sampled my beat of the song V8 ndio wakaunda hakuna masomo KU wamekataa.” He alleged.

Briyanka who calls himself Kenyatta University ambassador further said the song promoted violence in the institution.

“Nimeitoa YouTube because it is infringing my rights and also it has promoted violence in Kenyatta University. Hata mzazi halipi fee juu wanasema hakuna masomo KU. Lets meet in court if you have an issue,” he claimed.

However, on Tuesday, July 20 Briyanka announced that he had come into an agreement with the stars and decided to retract his initial stand.

According to Briyanka, Ndovu Kuu’s management agreed to disburse a sum of KSh 200,000 and acknowledged that the song is just for entertainment and the views held don’t reflect Kenyatta University or any institution.

“After many days of searching and discussions with Krispah ndovu kuu management, we have come into a concession that I retract the claim and return the song to YouTube. The management agreed to;

1). Pay dexta Briyanka total sum of 200 thousand Kenyan shillings

2). Acknowledge that the song Ndovu ni kuu is just meant for entertainment and the views held there in don’t in any way reflect Kenyatta university as an institution.

The song will be reinstated in YouTube because the payment has been made to dexta Briyanka bank account.” Dexta wrote.

The song has since been returned to YouTube.

After the song got back, Ndovu shared a message on his Instagram account warning people against starting what they can’t end.

“Don’t chase what you can kill. Though shall learn!” wrote Krispah Ndovu Kuu.