Media personality Soni Kanake has terminated her content creation contract with TV 47, where she hosted a show for the past 8 months, Swala Nyeti has learnt.

Kanake told Swala Nyeti she opted out of the station, which runs under Cape Media and is owned by Mt Kenya University (MKU) proprietor Simon Gicharu after a contractual fallout.

She said she failed to reach an amicable resolution on her Garden of Eden show after a meeting with the management on Monday seeking to have the terms and contract revised.


“The contract was lopsided and the terms were no longer tenable to me so the show is looking for a new home,” she said.

Kanake, who once hosted the show Connect on K24, said she built the show to a point it had a huge across the country, following based on statistics she says are readily available.

She claims the partnership with TV47 on the Garden of Eden was with the understanding that they would share revenue once sponsors came on board, but this did not happen.

TV47 is yet to release a position on the matter.