Media personality Soni Kanake who previously hosted the popular Garden of Eden Show on TV 47 is set to unveil her new show.

The new show christened ‘The Soni Kanake Show’ will premier on Wednesday and will be pivoted on relationships, mental health, intimacy and family matters.

It will feature various personalities and experts who will tackle or discuss the subjects of each episode.

“We bring you different personalities and experts to share with you unfiltered conversations that are usually told in hushed tones,” Kanake said.

“We strive to demystify sex and relationships. On this show, we wish to empower healthy relationships.”

According to Kanake, the show will air every Wednesday at 10 pm and will be aired on a YouTube channel by the same name

“Make a date with me Soni Kanake as we unpack these much-needed discussions every Wednesday at 10 pm telling it as it is,” she said.

Kanake became a household name when she hosted a similar show on K24 entitled ‘Connect’ which had a huge following across the country.

As she rightly puts it, Kanake has never shied away from discussing matters that are taboo or too sensitive to be discussed on public platforms, even though many people secretly and silently suffer over such.