Popular Kenyan socialite Amber Ray has said she is now ready to settle down and commit fully to the relationship.

She took to her Instagram account to reveal the latest development and inform any interested takers she was up for grabs.

The current tough economic times occasioned Amber’s decision to tether herself to a homely environment.

"Okay, the economy is no longer suitable for me to remain an independent woman," Amber said.

"The time has finally come. I am now considering listening to you niggas for supplemental income. I’m ready to settle down this time I mean it!" Amber wrote.

Amber was embroiled in a public spat with the wife of flamboyant Matatu Operators Association chairperson Jamal Roho Safi, over her steamy relationship with Jamal.

Their relationship ended in June last year and Amber said she had her eyes set on finding love with a foreign man.

She later dated a former basketball player from Sierra Leone before rumours started going around that she is currently dating Kennedy Rapudo because they have been spotted together frequently.