There is a new twist to the recent saga involving Nairobi’s upmarket Alchemist Club, which was under fire for allegations of racially profiling black revellers.

The whistleblower who shared the viral video on social media that showed captured the incident has come now come out and recanted his entire story.

Alchemist Club took to their Twitter account to claim in a restricted tweet they met with Murgor together with his lawyer to discuss the incident. 

According to Alchemist Club, Murgor allegedly acknowledged the video footage he shared was misleading to the public and not representative of what transpired.

They also shared a statement allegedly by the whistleblower now identified in which he seems to be telling a totally different story.

“We met with Emmanuel and his advocate to discuss the incident on May 20th. He has acknowledged that the clip shared was misleading to the public and was not representative of what happened that evening and what we stand for,” Alchemist said.

Murgor attested in his statement that after reviewing the full footage and based in his personal experience, the establishment embraces diversity.

He also lauded Alchemist’s management for handling the matter which showed how much they embraced diversity.

Murgor also offered an apology for any damages his narrative may have caused the establishment.

“After reviewing the full footage of the evening and even from my experience inside, can attest that The Alchemist embraces diversity I also reiterate that from how the club's management has handled the incident, they are open to diversity and have in fact zero tolerance towards racism. I deeply apologize for any narrative the short clip may have caused. That was never my intention,” Murgor said.

Murgor also revealed Alchemist will not press any charges over the incident.

“Lastly, my legal team and Alchemist have agreed that the establishment will not press charges of any nature,” Murgor said.

Murgor could not be reached through his Twitter account for comments because it got deactivated.

However, a quick spot check on Murgor's Twitter account established that Murgor's account is no longer active.

The following is the alleged statement issued by Murgor: