Easter is the perfect public holiday in the calendar year; you get the coveted Friday off to enjoy a long weekend, and the following Monday to recover, before you get back to the swing of things on Tuesday.

This year’s Easter break is particularly bound to be a memorable one because it’s the first major holiday period over the past two years where there is some semblance of normalcy, thanks to relaxed rules on gatherings, travel and mask wearing.

It’s therefore likely that most people will have a gathering of some sort with loved ones, be it lunch, game night or even a road trip.

Regardless of the choice of event, there are two essential items needed: food to cater to everyone’s tastes and music to keep the party going. Thankfully, Spotify has got you covered on the music front, so that’s one less thing to worry about.

These six playlists are inspired by three East African countries, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and will keep everyone jamming, as they contain hits that are country specific, as well as global ones.


If you would like to add a distinctly Kenyan flavor to your gathering, then these are the two playlists you want to blast through your speakers.


Nairobi, otherwise known as Nairobae to the city dwellers, is where most Kenyan popular music comes from. Expect to find some dope RnB from the city in this playlist, featuring mainstream and underground artists.

Made In Kenya

There’s a lot of songs out there, but which ones are the certified bangers made in the 254? This multigenre playlist will have you singing along for more than three hours, as you quite possibly know all the songs featured.


What music is popping in the Pearl of Africa? This break is the time to sample the best of Ugandan music with these newly added playlists.

Made In Uganda

This playlist highlights homegrown Ugandan talent, and is not confined to any specific genre. Find all your Ugandan faves here with their chart-topping hits. Think Eddy Kenzo’s Weekend or Azawi’s My Year.

Kidandali Parte

This playlist name roughly translates to a Dance/Dancehall/Ragga party, and the Ugandan artists featured are heavily influenced by Dancehall culture. You better get your dancing shoes on!


In the land of Bongo Flava, which songs reign supreme? Find out in these two playlists.

Hot Hits Tanzania

Expect nothing but the latest Tanzanian hits, as well as international songs that Tanzanians are currently listening to when you choose this playlist. Naturally, there’s a lot of bongo on there.

Bongo Bars

All the Hip-Hop fans in the house, this one is specially for you. This playlist features Tanzanian Hip Hop acts and their best work. Prepare to be wowed by Tanzania’s rap talent.

Whatever your version of Easter will look like, there is a playlist just for you.