Prominent city lawyer and politician Silas Jakakimba has hit the social media headlines once again with his baby mama drama that seems to turn nastier with each passing day.

This time around, Jakakimba accused his baby mama of kidnapping their son from his playground in Nairobi on Saturday while the lawyer was in Kisumu to attend to a family matter.

The flamboyant Raila Odinga aide alleged that, while he was out of town, his baby mama Beryl Akun together with other women colluded to take their son away from his Nairobi residence.

“While out of town earlier today, a group of several women kidnapped my son from his playing ground at my Nairobi residence. This matter, currently with the police, remains sensitive because a minor has been dragged into it,” Jakakimba said.

According to Jakakimba, he was forced to cut short his engagement in Kisumu to come back to Nairobi to take back his son back and even reported the matter to the police.


"I’ve just landed back from a family commitment I’d to cut shot - in Kisumu, to ensure I pick him back and restore him to his lawful custody within my space,” the lawyer said.

He alleged, through his social media accounts, that his son had been exposed to trauma while in the hands of his mother and the women who accompanied her in the said mission.

“My son was maliciously exposed to trauma until 10 pm last night when I picked him up. I’m told there’s a video the team of women who kidnapped him sent viral when they clung to him in my residence,” Jakakimba said.

However, in her social media account, Beryl accused her lawyer baby daddy of arranging for her to be arrested with their son whom she claimed was sick at the time.

She also accused her ex-husband of failing to take care of their child while he was in his custody, frustrating the boy and further exposing him to "funny characters." 

The two have been trading accusations publicly on social media with each accusing the other of being a bad parent with their co-parenting arrangement turning uglier by the day.

The lawyer later took to his Facebook account and shared court documents explaining their co-parenting arrangement and an email from Gertrude's Children's Hospital denouncing a receipt Beryl had shared claiming she had taken their son to the hospital.

The drama between the two doesn't seem to be over even after Jakakimba got married to