Many parents of students who recently sat their Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) are hoping to have their children enrolled in Nanyuki High School as their most preferred school.

Nanyuki High School is a boy's national boarding secondary school found in Nanyuki, Laikipia County. 

The school has an impressive record of academic and co-curricular activities and is well known for holistically moulding its students into dependable members of the society.

This is the second year running the school has received more than 150,000 pupils expressing their interest in enrolling in the institution when there are only 480 slots available.

On Monday, Education CS James Magoha revealed that Nanyuki High School was the most selected school with 150,003 candidates expressing their interest in joining form one in the institution.

In 2021, a total of 154,524 pupils selected the institution among their first choices of schools.

The institution selects its Form one students on merit, excellent performance on KCPE and from the lot that selected the institution as their first choice

What really makes Nanyuki High School become the most sought secondary school in the republic?

First, the academic performance of the institution has been on an upward trajectory over the past four years. It appears among the top-performing schools when the Kenya Certificate of Secondary (KCSE) results are released.

The school made a tremendous leap in its result from scoring a mean grade of 5.8 in 2017 to 8.6 in 2021.

According to the school's principal, Oliver Minishi, the institution not only focuses on the students’ academic excellence but also on their character development. The school also introduces technical subjects to allow its students to explore their potential.

“We build the character of our students and values. We believe in creativity among students in several ways, including introducing technical subjects so that they can explore and not just deal with academic work,” Minishi said.

Introducing technical subjects such as Electricity, Aviation, Building and Construction, Art and Design, Drawing and Design makes the institution favourable for students to have hands-on experience imparting valuable skills in the students.

The school’s choices of co-curriculum activities also entice students and parents alike to enrol in the institution. Students have an array of options to choose from that range from chess to martial arts.

These are activities that are brain-stimulating, enhance creativity, foster discipline and nurture hard work in students while allowing them to explore their potential to the fullest. 

The school also represents the region in sports in which it also excels, including football and rugby.

Minishi also said the institution creates a conducive learning environment by creating healthy relationships between the teachers and the students.

This enables the institution to identify and explore the student’s capabilities academically and otherwise.