Socialite Vera Sidika has excitedly disclosed that she can breastfeed her newborn baby, Asia Brown although she underwent a breast implant in the past.

While sharing the news with her fans on her Instagram page, Vera stated that while going for the breast implant she chose an option that would in future allow her to breastfeed.

She said that she always knew she would have a child and would be required to breastfeed and that is why she chose that option.

“Yes, you can breastfeed even if you had breast surgery because there are two options. First you can choose that allows you to breastfeed in future or that doesn’t allow that. I knew I would have kids in future so I went for the first option. And from the moment Asia was born my breast has been so full of milk,” Vera said.

She added her breasts started producing milk just after she delivered her baby girl.

“They are bigger and heavier. My baby started suckling them just hours after her delivery. She does it like a pro,” Vera added.

Vera also shared about her delivery experience on her Instagram page where she revealed she underwent Caesarean Section (CS).

"Whoever said CS surgery was so bad and very painful lied. I felt zero pain. It was the best decision ever!"

“My honest opinion on CS delivery; It has been 21 hours after surgery. Still, no pain at all and I can get up, walk around on my own. I felt good during surgery. I saw, heard everything even told stories with my anaesthetist with some old RnB music in the background,” Vera said.