Stylish Mombasa governor Hassan Joho has continued proving that he is a perfect dancer.

In a recent and trendy video, the governor is seen dancing blissfully to power couple Nameless and Wahu’s popular Back It Up challenge.

The Back It Up challenge has taken social media by storm, with many including family, lovers and friends jumping on to the challenge and sharing the video on their social timelines.

Joho has also joined the many who have engaged in the challenges. He showed off his exceptional dance moves alongside dance instructor Salim Gori alias dance general and two other dancers.

Joho shared the perfect choreography on his official Instagram page. He dressed in a smart pair of blue trousers, a white and black sweater and a white cap matching his socks.

The video has since amassed over 200,000 views on Instagram reels and over 20,000 likes. Social media users also camped at the comment section congratulating him and praising his great dancing skills.

Some of the commenters were singer Nameless who praised him.

“Eiiiish! Governor is smooth with the moves,” Nameless commented.