Tanzanian doctor and popular personality Jimmy Chansa has opened up on why he parted way with his Kenyan socialite and businesswoman Vera Sidika.


Speaking during an interview with Tanzania’s Ayo TV, Jimmy revealed Vera was one of his many girlfriends whom he dated for a long time.

He also praised her as a good, real and genuine person while in the relationship.

“We were together for almost a year and she is among people that I’ve dated for a long period of time because she was a good person, real and genuine,” he said.


He also disclosed how he met the voluptuous socialite, revealing that they were together at a party and he approached her and shot his shot, luckily the blessed beauty accepted.

“We met at a party here in Tanzania. We talked during the party and later got into a relationship,” he said.

Vera Sidika and Jimmy Chansa. PHOTO/COURTESY

Jimmy also disclosed that at the time they were dating, the socialite did not relocate to Tanzania but would visit him from time to time or he would visit her.

“It was just like a normal relationship, there were times that I would fly to Nairobi and sometimes she would come over,” Chansa said.

While opening up on why they broke up, Chansa said that it was because of normal issues that occur in almost every relationship.

“It is very normal for people in a relationship to break up. If you’re not going to get married to someone, then it is obvious to break up,” he added.


The hunk also talked about how his family reacted to his relationship with Vera, stating that they had no issues as they know he was a mature man.

“They believe that I’m a grown-up and I cannot be with someone who hurts me. I can perfectly tell a good and a bad person because I know I can get good things from bad people and get bad things from good people. It was just a matter of understanding her,” said Chansa.