Famous Nigerian actor Pretty Mike has stunned many after he showed up at a wedding ceremony accompanied by his six pregnant girls, all of them pregnant!  

The flashy Mike, who has been open about his unconventional and controversial dating life on social media, claimed all the six girlfriends were bearing his seed.


In one of the captions he posted:

"I don't know who needs to hear this but...A beautiful lady isn't meant for only one man, so to keep one to yourself in this Lagos, You must be capable of doing what eleven men can do. let's be guided.”

One of his followers @LaCrystalRosas responded, “Ladies would you be okay with sharing your first babyfather with 6 other girls? I think 4 is my cut off.... LOL! Jk, I'll pass hehee.”

In another, he posted:

“We all have dreams and we all have fantasies ... I have lived some of my fantasies in my various entrances....but one of my dreams have always been to marry 5 special women in my life 2 of my ex’s and 3 of my current girlfriends......Dey are all special to me in some kind of way....the question is ,what do men really want ? I am fulfilled knowing I had the chance to express myself in this illusion #LagosZaddy #ChiefDaddy #CuttingTags #KingSolomon #CreateYourOwnVibe ????”