Classic 105 radio presenter Maina Kageni has once again professed his undying love for actress and singer Sanaipei Tande.

According to Maina, he is ready to marry Sanaipei at any given time if only she gives him a chance.

He confessed to having a crush on her long ago and would always crush on her forever.

They were in the studio when a certain woman asked him who he would date among some known celebrities in Kenya.

“Who would you kiss, date and marry between; Nadia Mukami, Sanaipei Tande and Tanasha Donna," the lady asked.

"I will marry Sanaipei. I have always crushed on her, I have asked her to have my baby she has refused from kitambo. I will marry her at the drop of a heart any day. She is my all-time crush and forever," Maina quickly answered.

This is not the first time Maina is opening up about loving Sanaipei. In April last year, he said that he had been begging Sanaipei to only sire a child with him if she is not okay with a relationship.

“Avril, I love you so much; you are a beautiful woman, but Sanaa, you are a sexy woman, and you sing like hell,” he gushed before making his revelation.

He went on to narrate how he at one time proposed to her to have his baby, but according to Kageni, she took it as a joke.

“Lemme say this here, we worked together on Kiss FM and I remember one day I made an indecent proposal. I remember telling Sana, I don’t want a relationship with you, but please have a baby for me. When I made that joke, I was serious but she used to joke around it, ooo Sanaipei aliundwa on a Sunday,” Kageni added.