Businesswoman Amira has blasted her husband Jamal Ibrahim alias Roho Safi for allegedly ferrying household items and gifting his second wife Amber Ray secretly.

In a bitter Instagram post, Amira said it’s unfair how Jamal freely handed out goods she bought with her hard-earned money even without consulting her.

She said she believes sharing is caring but again charity should not be misused and taken for granted.

Amira was furious about how Jamal allegedly gave Amber one of her Harman Kardon Bluetooth speakers worth about Sh30,000.

Photo proof that Amber was in possession of the alleged speaker was shared and has been making the rounds on social media. 

“People can’t earn for what they need though, and how you gon gv out house items, I need a new Harman kardo. Sasa if it’s a speaker Leo, kesho ni sufuria pia? Kwani tunashare umaskini ama utajiri wa kujiwekelea, earth is hard smh,” She wrote.

This comes days after Jamal confessed that he missed his socialite second wife Amber, real name Faith Makau.

Taking to his Instagram account, Jamal said he misses her a lot and described her as his sweet and sour.

“I miss her (my sweet and sour),” he wrote.

It also seems like the two did not break up as they made everyone believe after they were spotted recently spending quality time together in Malindi as captured in a circulating video.