Renowned preacher, motivational speaker and relationship coach Robert Burale recently opened up on his failed marriage with his baby mama with whom they parted ways in 2013.

Whilst speaking to Churchill Ndambuki on Churchill show series edition, Burale revealed that his marriage lasted for two years and two days only.

Burale was married to gospel singer Rozinah Mwakideu and has been single for eight good years since their split.

“Marriage is a good and God idea and there are some things you have to enjoy in life. In heaven, we’ll just be worshipping with the 24 elders,” Burale jested.

"I was married in 2012 for one year two days na ikaisha. Great woman of God, someone I respect so much but it didn’t just work out," he said. 

Adding on, the preacher disclosed he has plans to remarry and he is hoping it would be soon enough.

"Yes, I am looking forward to remarrying? Of course, yes 1,050%’. I’m a Luhya man, I don’t have the grace to be single. Keep your eyes open, keep your ears on the ground. You just never know,” he said.

The author also opened up on the challenges he faces while living a single life. 

“After preaching the gospel, there is an emptiness you feel. You have to come back to a wife. The body is tired you need someone to massage you… and you enjoy the benefits of marriage and it can be lonely, to be honest with you and that’s why I’m saying, when I remarry, I’ll revenge everywhere in every way in the boardroom and bedroom,” he revealed.

“After preaching, virtue leads you and your body becomes needy. Basically, after preaching to the people of God it is important you rush to your spouse. You get those feelings,” Burale said.

He noted that by the grace of God he has managed to survive living a single life and coping well with life.

“It is not easy but kwa neema ya Mungu (but because of God’s grace) we are standing strong until that day that I will get married,” he explained.