Nairobi socialite Faith Makau popularly known as Amber Ray has hinted at trouble in her relationship with popular businessman Jamal Ibrahim alias Roho Safi.

The beauty queen recently deleted all photos of her husband on her Instagram account which created a heated buzz with many speculating possible a breakup.

Not only that, the self-proclaimed president of the second wives association deleted her hubby’s name from Instagram where she was referring to herself as Jamal Marlow’s wife. 

The mother of one replaced the name with her personal identity, where she labelled herself as an entrepreneur, mother, and positive influence. 

As if that was not enough, Amber took to her Instagram account and shared a cute photo of herself rocking a white T-shirt and a pair of blue jeans and plastered it with a bomb caption.

In her caption, she wondered why a woman who might be her, fought for a man who would eventually dumb her later.

“But why kill yourself over a dude that’s gonna be your brother when Jesus come.” Wrote Amber.

Her sentiments come hours after her husband deactivated his Instagram account that boasted over 600k followers and a blue mark verification.

The event clearly hints at a possible fallout between the drama queen and her husband after recent altercations with first wife Amira.

The two wives of Jamal served the drama online, with each throwing insults at each other over who is entitled to Jamal.

Jamal played low-key when all the drama happened until recently when his wife Amira exposed him to have taken too many loans.

Jamal took to his social media pages, blaming the two for fighting for no reason and causing no peace in the family.

However, the move by Jamal and Amber to get the man off the internet might be a way of cooling things and making peace at their home