Tanzanian businesswoman and bongo actress Kajala Frida has finally covered a matching tattoo she got previously while dating singer Harmonize.

In a viral video making rounds on the internet, the actress is seen lying down while getting the changes done to her neck tattoo.

In an after the process video, Kajala can be seen all smiles after her previous tattoo got covered with a beautiful red rose flower.

The two who only dated for two months had gotten matching tattoos to mark their lovely relationship.

Harmonize got a tattoo of the letter ‘K’, while Kajala got a tattoo of the letter ‘H’.

The popular bongo musician was the first person to alter his tattoo by replacing it with ‘Konde Gang’.

The two broke up after reports emerged that Harmonize wanted to date both the mother Kajala and her daughter Paula Kajala.

After the accusations, Harmonize opted for legal help that saw the case taken to court. However, he later on, dropped all charged against the two.