Voluptuous presenter Kamene Goro has opened up on why she keeps off from intimate relationships.

According to her, she isn’t ready for heartbreak again as she has been a victim of it years ago and would not want to repeat it.

While speaking in her Kiss FM morning show alongside co-host Jalang’o, Kamene lamented that there are more problems to solve in the country other than crying for love.

“I have been heartache proof for some years, mpaka am confused. There’s away Nairobi city puts you through stuff that you end up becoming heartache proof. I am capable of love but I can’t take the heartbreak, Hii Nairobi imenipeleka mbio. Imagining having a boss that stresses you, bad roads, your man hasn’t texted you, maybe he has even blocked you. “

Adding on, Kamene said that in the country one cannot be in a relationship because of multiple life problems.

“You come to work the watchman is giving you an attitude, so is the cleaning lady. You pass by the celebrities’ corridor and no one even wants to talk to you.”

“How can you become proofed when you are struggling from morning to evening? Utatoa wapi nguvu ya kulia over someone else?”