Comedian Herman Gakobo Kago who made a name in the “Churchill Show” as Professor Hamo has come out to apologize for his shortcomings in the recent deadbeat dad saga.

 Prof. Hamo and Jemutai. PHOTO/COURTESY

Hamo took to his Facebook account to make a public apology to the media house he was employed in for dragging them into the mess, his family and fans.

In the same post, Hamo thanked Daniel ‘Churchill Ndambuki (his boss and mentor) and life coach Robert Burale for advising him and Jemutai.

Daniel 'Churchill' Ndambuki. PHOTO/COURTESY

The comedian also thanked the mother of his children Stella Bunei Koitie aka Jemutai for agreeing to the peaceful meeting where they discussed how they are going to raise their children.

Stella Bunei Koitie aka Jemutai. PHOTO/COURTESY

Hamo also thanked his wife Zippy for accommodating him, despite his shortcomings.

He promised to work towards the betterment of his person, becoming a responsible father to his children and a better husband.

“I am not yet there but working towards being a responsible person, dad, husband & man. Mungu ni Mwema” stated Hamo.


The comedian and fellow comedienne Jemutai were recently caught up in a bitter exchange of words over Jemutai’s allegations that Hamo was a deadbeat dad, a claim he strongly came out to refute. 

This prompted Hamo to demand a paternity test on their two children and the results confirmed a 99.9% match that he sired the children with Jemutai.

Hamo was recently fired from Hot 96 FM, a radio station owned and operated by the Royal Media Services (RMS) after absconding duty.