CFAO Mobility Kenya and NCBA Bank have joined forces to launch a groundbreaking initiative called "Beauty Meets the Bonnet" (BMB), designed to enhance the driving experience for women in Kenya.

This innovative partnership aims to create a more inclusive automotive space by catering to the specific needs and aspirations of female drivers.

The BMB initiative goes beyond simply providing a driving experience. It offers a one-stop shop for women car enthusiasts, encompassing valuable resources and benefits to empower them in their car ownership journey.

Members of the BMB club can enjoy exclusive perks such as special offers on routine maintenance services and spare parts, alongside access to unique networking events themed around BMB.

Speaking at the launch, Josephine Bekoe, the General Manager of Human Resources at CFAO Mobility Kenya, expressed her enthusiasm about the collaboration.

"We are excited to collaborate with NCBA Bank on this groundbreaking initiative," Bekoe said.

"This partnership underscores our commitment to providing strong asset finance solutions to our customers. By focusing on the unique needs of women drivers, we aim to make vehicle ownership more convenient, empowering them to achieve their dreams."

The partnership between CFAO Mobility Kenya and NCBA marks a significant step towards promoting gender inclusivity in the Kenyan automotive industry.

Speaking during the event, NCBA Group Retail Director Tirus Mwithiga said NCBA offers a wealth of solutions designed to empower women and expand their financial horizons.

"At NCBA, we believe in broadening the horizons for women's financial possibilities. Our goal is to provide the tools and resources that enable women to achieve their financial dreams," Mwithiga stated.

"Our NCBA Wealth Solutions are designed to empower women with opportunities and comprehensive wealth management services."

John Gachora, the Group Managing Director at NCBA, echoed this sentiment, stating, "At NCBA, we are dedicated to empowering women, and our collaboration with CFAO Mobility Kenya highlights this commitment. We value forming strategic alliances like this one to solidify our partnership. We are confident that this initiative will further assist our customers in pursuing their dreams and aspirations as members of the Beauty Meets The Bonnet clubs."

The vision behind BMB extends far beyond offering exclusive benefits.

It aspires to foster a more inclusive environment within the automotive industry, where women are not just acknowledged but actively encouraged to take leadership roles and contribute to innovation.

The initiative aims to empower women with the necessary tools, knowledge, and opportunities to excel in all aspects of motoring, from confidently driving and maintaining their vehicles to pursuing careers in automotive design, engineering, and leadership positions.