The industrial sector in Kenya has received a significant boost as President William Ruto unveiled a pioneering initiative aimed at enhancing the country's manufacturing capabilities.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony of Nexgen Packaging Kenya EPZ Limited in Athi River on Tuesday, President Ruto unveiled measures designed to optimize power utilization and reduce operational costs for businesses.

In his address, Ruto addressed concerns raised by numerous companies regarding the cost of power, highlighting the government's commitment to ensuring a favourable environment for investors and manufacturers.

"Many companies have asked us also about the cost of power. And we are working on how to make sure that the cost of power is investor-friendly, is manufacturing-friendly," Ruto stated.

A key initiative outlined by Ruto involves incentivizing nighttime production, leveraging the surplus power available during off-peak hours.

He announced a substantial reduction in the required production capacity for companies to benefit from reduced tariffs during nighttime operations.

"The first step we have agreed with industry is that those who will produce at night because we have excess power at night, we are going to reduce the tariff by 50 per cent," he explained.

Previously, companies had to operate at full capacity during nighttime hours to qualify for the reduced tariff.

However, President Ruto emphasized a significant policy shift effective from May 1st, eliminating this requirement.

He stated, "Initially, it used to be a requirement that for you to benefit from that 50 per cent tariff at night, you must produce at full capacity during the day. We have since from the first of this May, that requirement will not be necessary."

This strategic move has the potential of opening up opportunities for businesses to optimize their production schedules, enabling them to capitalize on reduced power tariffs regardless of their daytime output.

President Ruto emphasized the flexibility afforded by the new policy, stating, "So, you can produce at any time that you and take advantage of reduced power tariff."

The President's announcement signals a proactive approach by the Kenyan government to foster a conducive business environment and stimulate economic growth.

By addressing concerns regarding power costs and introducing flexible measures, the government aims to bolster investor confidence and support the expansion of the manufacturing sector.

The initiative is poised to have a transformative impact on Kenya's industrial landscape, encouraging companies to explore innovative production strategies and capitalize on cost-saving opportunities.

With a focus on sustainability and efficiency, the government's efforts align with broader objectives aimed at driving economic prosperity and fostering long-term development.

As Kenya continues to position itself as a hub for investment and industrialization, President Ruto's announcement underscores the government's commitment to implementing pragmatic policies that prioritize the needs of businesses and propel the nation towards sustained growth and prosperity.