The Equity Prepaid card is providing you with an opportunity to jumpstart your payments experience in 2024.

The card transforms the way you make payments by giving you full control of your budget as you embrace 2024 through a seamless, convenient, and secure cashless experience.

Equity Prepaid card enables shop, travel with family and friends for a vacation, fueling your car or making online subscription/purchase allowing you to easily manage your transactions.

The card gives you a payment companion and ensures you spend your money wisely and stay true to your financial budget as you pursue the many opportunities that life provides.

With the Equity prepaid card, you can bid farewell to worries of overspending by only loading the amount you need to spend and remaining on track with your financial goals.

The card also ensures your payments are universally accepted, making it an ideal companion for local and international adventures as you can experience payment flexibility worldwide.

Using an Equity prepaid card is safer than carrying cash giving you additional peace of mind.

Furthermore, you don't need to be an Equity account holder to enjoy the perks of the Equity Prepaid card, one can simply get on board for hassle-free transactions by registering through this link:

Once registered, you can top up your Equity PrePaid Card through these simple steps:

• Top up your Equity PrePaid Card through Equity Mobile App or dialing *247#. (This service is only available to Equity Bank Account holders)

• Use your SIM lines (Equitel or M-PESA) to top up your Equity PrePaid Card

• Visit any Equity Bank Agent to top up your Equity PrePaid Card

• Top up from M-Pesa through Paybil: 247247

Register today and embrace a future of effortless payments, enhanced security, and financial freedom with the Equity Prepaid card.