A technical glitch affecting M-Pesa has thrown Kenya's prepaid electricity system into disarray, leaving millions of households grappling with the prospect of a pitch-dark night.

The outage, reported earlier today, has disrupted the usual routine of countless Kenyans who rely on the mobile money platform for their daily power needs.

"A technical glitch affecting M-PESA is preventing our prepaid customers from buying electricity tokens currently," Kenya Power acknowledged in a statement. 

"The responsible team is working to resolve the hitch, and we expect to resume normal service as soon as possible."

The news sent shockwaves through Kenyan social media, with #MpesaBlackout trending as users expressed their frustration.

Many shared stories of disrupted plans and inconvenience, highlighting the reliance on M-Pesa for essential services like electricity.

"Just finished cooking dinner and now I can't even boil water for tea!" exclaimed one user on Twitter. "Kenya Power, please get this fixed immediately!"

The lack of a specific timeframe for resolution only amplified the anxieties of Kenyans facing the prospect of a prolonged outage.

With midnight approaching, the possibility of entire neighbourhoods being plunged into darkness loomed large.

In the meantime, Kenya Power has urged customers to explore alternative vending channels, including Equitel, Airtel Money, and KCB Bank.

The company has also offered its apologies to the masses that have been affected by the disruption.

"Customers are advised to alternative vending channels including Equitel, Airtel Money and KCB Bank," Kenya Power urged.

"We appreciate your understanding and apologise for any inconvenience caused."

However, the sudden shift to unfamiliar platforms presented challenges, particularly for those less comfortable with digital banking options.

The M-Pesa glitch serves as a stark reminder of Kenya's heavy dependence on mobile money for critical services.

While the platform's convenience is undeniable, its vulnerabilities become readily apparent during outages, leaving millions scrambling for alternative solutions in the dark.