Tech giant Samsung has sent ripples of excitement through the industry with the announcement of their second Galaxy Unpacked event of the year, scheduled for Wednesday.

This highly anticipated event is expected to unveil a wave of innovative new devices, with a strong focus on the future of AI technology.

Building on the success of the recently launched Galaxy S24 series, the July Unpacked event promises to be a showcase for cutting-edge advancements.

Word out there suggests unveiling a highly anticipated new set of the next generation of Samsung smartphones.

Additionally, whispers of the revolutionary Galaxy accessories have intensified, potentially debuting at the Paris event.

While details remain scarce, Samsung released a cryptic video highlighting the event's theme.

Entitled "Galaxy Unpacked July 2024: Unfold Your Story," the video features a captivating sequence of faces illuminated by a sliver of light, symbolizing the dawn of a new era in artificial intelligence.

This campaign tagline, "Step Beyond Boundaries," invites fans to brace themselves for groundbreaking advancements that will redefine user experience.

Although specifics about the upcoming devices are limited at this stage, sources suggest Kenyans can expect to see these innovations hit the market before the end of the year.

With the event just around the corner, anticipation is steadily rising.

Stay tuned for further updates as we delve deeper into the exciting possibilities that await at the Samsung Unpacked event