Visa, the global digital payment powerhouse, has unveiled its Global AI Advisory Services Practice with the new value-added service, being offered by Visa Consulting & Analytics (VCA), Visa’s payments consulting advisory arm.

Global AI Advisory Services Practice focuses on providing actionable insights and recommendations to empower clients to unlock the potential of AI and use generative AI.

Visa has over the past 30 years spearheaded the use of AI to enhance its services and provide secure, seamless transactions for customers.

The digital payments firm has pumped more than $3 billion in AI and data infrastructure in the past decade alone to enable safer, smarter money movement as well as prevent fraud.

Similarly, VCA has been utilizing AI to assist clients to succeed and conduct hundreds of paid engagements across the globe over the past year.

Visa’s extensive work in AI and data using more than 150 unique models has prepared the way for the dedicated AI advisory services, a strategic addition to its value-added services.

“AI is not just reshaping industries worldwide – it's revolutionizing them, and the payments sector is at the forefront of this transformation," said Visa global head of advisory services Carl Rutstein.

He added, “Visa doesn’t just use AI to help improve payment experiences – our Advisory business is also harnessing it to empower our clients to grow and redefine how they serve their own customers.”

The new service takes advantage of VCA's global network of over 1,000 consultants, data scientists and product experts in 75 offices in six continents to help clients comprehend the AI landscape and the potential of generative AI.

VCA guides clients through their AI journey, from initial discovery and planning to implementation, based on foundational strategy, capability assessment and model design.

The move seeks to aid clients outline their own AI strategy to meet their business goals, including market expansion, product design, customer acquisition, engagement improvement and fraud reduction.