Thousands of users of the Worldcoin cryptocurrency project were left frustrated on Monday when the platform's app went offline, preventing them from claiming their grants.

The company attributed the outage to a surge in traffic to the platform, causing technical difficulties for its World App.

Worldcoin, known for providing one-time crypto payments to new members of its network, faced a barrage of complaints from users who attempted to access the app but received error messages such as 'Can't fetch data' and 'Returning shortly.'

The notification displayed on the app stated, "World App is experiencing higher than usual traffic. It will return shortly, please try again later."

Responding to user concerns on their official customer support account on X social media platform (formerly Twitter), Worldcoin acknowledged the issue.

"The App is currently under maintenance, it will be back soon." However, the lack of a specific timeframe for the app's restoration left many users in the dark about when they could access their funds.

On the company's website, Worldcoin urged users to anticipate delays in customer support response, stating, "We are currently experiencing a high volume of support tickets. Please expect a delay in responses as we do our best to address your issues. It is best if you do not submit multiple tickets at this time. We greatly appreciate your patience."

Worldcoin had recently collaborated with local organizations to extend access to the global digital economy and provide blockchain technology and web3 education to Kenyan citizens.

In a bold move, the company also organized an event at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC) in Nairobi to register Kenyans' irises for the new OpenAI crypto project.

However, the registration process faced a setback as the police intervened and halted the proceedings.

Thousands of impatient Kenyans were turned away as they waited in long queues for the eccentric yet fascinating registration process.

The Data Protection Commissioner (ODPC) in Kenya raised concerns about the potential risks associated with Worldcoin's data collection practices.

As the company processes sensitive personal information for digital identity cryptocurrency, the ODPC emphasized that Worldcoin must comply with the Data Protection Act of 2019.

The combination of technical issues with the app and concerns over data protection has put Worldcoin in the spotlight.

As the company works to resolve the technical glitch and meet data protection regulations, users are hopeful for a swift resolution to regain access to their grants and ensure their personal information is adequately safeguarded.