Ogilvy Africa has unveiled an end-to-end tool that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to connect businesses and brands with content creators in Africa in a bid to boost influencer marketing.

InfluenceO leverages cutting-edge technologies and innovations globally to empower brands and influencers to create and disseminate more impactful marketing campaigns.

Ogilvy CEO EMEA Patou Nuytemans noted that the current fast changing landscape has seen influencer marketing grow as a powerful tool connecting brands with their target audiences.

“It goes beyond mere reach, allowing them to establish and maintain deep connections with their audience. However, the methods of thinking, planning, and executing influencer marketing have fallen behind the pace of its evolution,” said Nuytemans.

Patou Nuytemans. PHOTO/OGILVY

She added, “With the launch of InfluenceO, we now possess the power to transform our approach and fully harness the potential of influencer marketing as a formidable channel.”

She intimated that InfluenceO will transform collaborations for brand influencers and also greatly improve how marketers engage with influencers in Kenya and across the continent.

Key features of InfluenceO:

• AI-powered influencer identification: Utilizing AI technology, InfluenceO identifies the most influential figures for brands, ensuring an authentic fit with the target audience. It also locates micro and nano influencers who may otherwise go unnoticed.

• Streamlined onboarding, contracting, and payment processes: InfluenceO incorporates world-class technology to simplify these crucial steps for clients, ensuring creators are recognized and rewarded more reliably.

• Integration with Ogilvy's proprietary media technology Feed: InfluenceO seamlessly integrates with Feed, Ogilvy's media technology platform, to amplify the impact of influencer marketing through dynamic, effective, and efficient methods.


InfluenceO also supplies clients with wide-ranging analytics while offering a centralized dashboard for brands and influencers to manage campaigns, review content drafts, negotiate terms, and track deliverables.

“It’s an award-winning global asset, customised meticulously to the need and nuance of sub-Saharan African countries. It brings world-class functionalities and rich databases to hitherto underserved markets,” Ogilvy Africa CEO Vikas Mehta said.

He added, “With InfluenceO, we hope to unleash the vast potential of this continent's content and influence landscape.”