Tech giant Facebook has now joined the growing audio craze as it targets more of its users’ screen times.

Facebook on Monday announced it was launching a number of new tools to enable its users to create and share audio.

The social media platform is known for adopting innovations employed by other apps like it copied Youtube on videos, TikTok on short videos, and Snapchart on disappearing photos.

The global Covid-19 pandemic has seen the rise of audio and podcasts and Facebook will be jumping in after the launch of live social audio Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces among others.

Mark Zuckerberg. PHOTO/COURTESY 

CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Monday revealed that Facebook was working on its own live audio product dubbed Live Audio Rooms and is expected to test it in Facebook Groups before making it available to everyone and as a feature incorporated into its Messenger app.

The move by Facebook, which boasts of 2.8 billion monthly active users, comes after Reddit also launched its own audio product resembling Clubhouse on Monday.

Facebook is also launching podcasts directly on the Facebook app like is the case with Spotify and Apple's podcast app, and also launching Soundbites - short-form audio clips a la TikTok videos, with monetization of the audio tools by content creators in the pipeline.