You presently know the historical backdrop of vehicles and how they came into existence. You probably are considering purchasing your first or adding another to your assortment.

You have an image of the kind of car you would want to own, but, just take a stride back and ask yourself the fundamental questions about your prospective purchase and choice before you dive in.

Let's take a look at probably the 6 major reasons why you need to purchase a personal vehicle;

1. Convenience

In the present day, a car has ceased to be a measure of affluence or a rich man’s toy but a convenience in a very busy world.

Time is a commodity that is so valuable and you would prefer not to spend any of it hanging tight for a matatu at the stage, waiting for all the seats to be occupied before departure, and sit tight as it strictly follows its TLB-defined route.

For those reasons, it would be wise to have your own reliable form of transport to keep your appointments if you can afford it.

2. Emergencies

This is another significant reason to consider when purchasing a car. Many are the times when you are compelled to thump on a neighbor's door in the wee hours of the night on account of a health-related crisis.

Woe unto you if your neighbors are profound sleepers and somebody should be scrambled for medical attention.

If you have your own car, it would be as easy as getting the patient into the car and driving to the nearest health facility. 

3. Freedom

You presumably have been to a function, say a party and afterwards, it gets late yet you stay far away from the venue. You are compelled to keep tabs on the lucky owner of a vehicle, who had promised to give you a lift home.

Torment comes when you have had enough and want to leave yet you need to stand by until they are all set for home or you may likewise be driven away from the gathering sooner than you needed in light of the fact that your ride home is leaving soon.

On the off chance that you have your own means of transport, you are allowed to go to any place (aside from where there are limitations) and when it best suits you, without having to worry about inconveniencing others or fitting into their plans.

Volkswagen Touareg. PHOTO/COURTESY

4. Deals and Image

Have you, at any point, been posed this question "Where have you parked?" or have you had someone giving you directions to a place and they presume that you are driving? In the corporate world, image truly matters.

You don't anticipate that someone should entrust you with a serious business deal worth millions of shillings when you come to pitch your ideas while perched on a nduthi or hanging on a matatu and you alight smelling like fermented sweat.

5. Family

You have been fruitful and multiplied to fill the earth, just as the good book has commanded you to do.

You are a family man or woman with a spouse and cute little youngsters. However, it becomes an issue when their grandma and grandpa needs to see them in ushago or you are welcome to a family event in Utawala yet you stay in Kitengela or Kiserian.

It is simpler to bundle up your family in the family car and head to ushago or Utawala than strolling with your battalion in the bustling roads of the urban areas or bundling all of them in more than one matatu.

If you calculate the amount of fare per individual against powering the vehicle and going at your own comfort and pace, you will start entertaining the idea of owning one for yourself.

6. Recreation

Various individuals will concur with me that driving is therapeutic, particularly for car enthusiasts (like yours truly).

Excursions are gradually supplementing the traditional methods of recreation.

With your own vehicle, a full tank, some money and the perfect company you can make some magnificent memories out and about on the road or by visiting different destinations.

Whatever reasons you may may have for getting yourself a ride, it is important to note that it has become a vital investment to have.

The world is currently moving so fast and you cannot afford to lose any time therefore a vehicle will make your life much easier if you want to be at par.