Health Cabinet Secretary, Susan Nakhumicha, announced the start of registration for the Social Health Authority (SHA) beginning Monday.

This initiative requires all Kenyans and residents to register anew to benefit from the revamped Social Health Insurance (SHI) system.

"Today I announced that registration of Kenyans into the Social Health Authority shall start on 1st July 2024 in readiness for the rollout of services," Nakhumicha stated.

To facilitate the registration process, the Ministry has provided several convenient methods.

Citizens can register using the USSD code *147#, visit the website, seek assistance from Community Health Promoters, or go to NHIF offices and other designated registration points.

Notably, this entire process is free of charge.

The SHI Act has laid the groundwork for a new benefits package, developed through extensive consultations.

Recently advertised for public and stakeholder feedback, the package will incorporate the received input before undergoing national validation and formal gazettement.

The Social Health Authority Board has received a comprehensive list of accredited facilities from regulatory bodies.

This list will enable the Board to start contracting these facilities for service delivery, ensuring that healthcare providers are ready to operate under the new system.

The withdrawal of the Finance Bill 2024, which was intended to fund the Primary Healthcare Fund and the Emergency, Chronic, and Critical Illness Fund, has necessitated a strategic shift.

In light of this, the Ministry is adjusting its plans. During this transitional phase, existing NHIF contributions and benefits will continue unchanged.

Nakhumicha reassured the public, particularly current NHIF beneficiaries, that there will be no disruption in services during the transition to SHI.

She urged all healthcare facilities to maintain their services, with claims being processed and settled as usual.