Kenyans, particularly the tech-savvy Gen Z, can rest easy as the Communication Authority of Kenya (CA) has firmly denied any plans to restrict internet access during Tuesday's anticipated, widespread protests against the controversial Finance Bill 2024

This comes amidst widespread concerns and inquiries received by the CA regarding a potential internet shutdown coinciding with the demonstrations.

In a reassuring statement released on Monday, the CA emphasized its commitment to upholding the Kenyan Constitution and its citizens' fundamental right to freedom of expression.

"The Authority has no intention whatsoever to shut down Internet traffic or interfere with the quality of connectivity," the statement declared. Such actions, the CA further asserted, would be a "betrayal" of the core principles enshrined within the Constitution.

Beyond the fundamental rights aspect, the CA highlighted the detrimental economic consequences an internet shutdown would have on Kenya's burgeoning digital economy.

"Internet connectivity supports thousands of livelihoods across the country," the statement underscored, emphasizing the crucial role a free and open internet plays in fostering a thriving digital marketplace.

However, the CA did urge Kenyans to exercise responsible online behavior during the protests.

"We urge Kenyans to use the digital space with respect to all and within the confines of the law," the statement concluded, striking a balance between safeguarding online freedom and promoting responsible online conduct.

This public assurance by the CA is a welcome development for Kenyan citizens, particularly Gen Z, who are expected to be at the forefront of Tuesday's demonstrations.

With the internet serving as a vital platform for communication, mobilization, and information dissemination, an internet blackout would have severely hampered their ability to exercise their democratic right to protest.

As Kenyans prepare to voice their concerns regarding the Finance Bill, the CA's commitment to a free and open internet ensures their voices will be heard.