The Kenya Bureau of Statistics (KEBS) has accused a private firm, Multi-Works and Rights Enforcements, of impersonating government inspectors and conducting illegal product inspections in retail outlets across the country.

The accusations come amid a surge of complaints from businesses targeted by the company.

In a public notice issued on Tuesday, Kebs stated it had received numerous complaints against Multi-Works and Rights Enforcements, which claims to be a consumer rights organization.

The complaints allege a series of concerning practices, including the illegal seizure of goods, imposition of on-the-spot fines, and even unlawful arrests.

"It has come to our attention that certain individuals working for a private company called Multi-Works and Rights Enforcements Co Limited... are defrauding Kenyans under the pretence of conducting product inspections in retail outlets," KEBS declared in the notice.

This recent alert follows a similar warning issued by the Competition Authority of Kenya (CAK) against the same firm just last month.

Both government agencies appear to be taking a strong stance against Multi-Works and Rights Enforcements' alleged activities.

"KEBS is currently working with the relevant authorities with the intention of instituting criminal proceedings against the organization, its members, and any individuals who have aided their activities," the agency firmly stated.

Efforts to reach Multi-Works and Rights Enforcements for comment proved unsuccessful.

However, Edward Olang, who identified himself as a legal officer for the company when contacted through a website address, downplayed the accusations.

He reportedly insisted that the situation amounted to a "witch hunt" against the firm.

The outcome of KEBS' collaboration with other authorities remains to be seen.

However, with two government agencies raising concerns and criminal proceedings a possibility, Multi-Works and Rights Enforcements may soon face serious legal repercussions.