In a spectacle of vibrancy and talent, the Kirinyaga County Polytechnics Music Festivals concluded its fifth edition with flair at the Catholic Hall in Kerugoya.

Kaitheri County Polytechnic emerged as the triumphant force, clinching the top spot with a remarkable 684 points, closely followed by Kiambatha Vocational Training Center with 661 points.

The one-day extravaganza commenced with a clarion call urging the youth to embrace polytechnic education as a shield against the allure of alcohol, drugs, and other societal pitfalls.

Demonstrating their plea through various performances, students emphasized the need for a supportive environment to hone their technical skills.

Over 2,000 students from 16 Polytechnics within Kirinyaga County showcased their talents, captivating the audience with a diverse array of performances encompassing choral and solo verses, original compositions, cultural dances, and the energetic Sakata Dance.

This year's festival theme, "Supporting Talents," underscores the aim of identifying potential representatives for the county at the national stage, slated to unfold in Eldoret.

Guided by this objective, the festivals serve as a platform to unearth and elevate participants, echoing Kirinyaga's commitment to nurturing vocational education.

Kirinyaga's Polytechnics stand as bastions of skill development, offering courses spanning plumbing, carpentry, beauty therapy, and mechanical & electrical engineering.

Veronica Maina, representing Governor Anne Waiguru, highlighted the festivals' role in fostering holistic learning and talent development beyond conventional classroom settings.

Maina emphasized the governor's vision to empower students, irrespective of their academic background, through practical skills acquisition.

"The skills acquired within our Polytechnics transcend borders, offering lucrative employment opportunities locally and internationally," she affirmed.

Mark Kinyua, a plumbing student at Kaitheri Polytechnic, extended a warm invitation to prospective students, emphasizing the institution's commitment to providing invaluable skills.

"Join us at Kaitheri where every willing individual has the chance to acquire a multitude of valuable skills," he urged.

Ann Wambui, a student specializing in hairdressing and beauty therapy, echoed the sentiment, acknowledging the Polytechnics' pivotal role in steering individuals away from societal vices.

"Thanks to the Polytechnics, we have found purpose and direction, paving the way for personal and professional fulfilment," she expressed.

As the curtains draw on this year's festivities, Kaitheri Polytechnic's triumph resonates as a testament to Kirinyaga County's dedication to fostering talent and empowering its youth through practical education.