Kenyan security forces are poised for a unique deployment to Haiti, with the United States playing a key logistical role.

U.S. Ambassador to Kenya Meg Whitman announced plans for the U.S. Department of Defense to establish a camp in Haiti specifically for the incoming Kenyan police contingent.

Ambassador Whitman acknowledged the complexities of the mission during a speech in Nyeri on Tuesday.

"This is a very complicated mission," she stated, emphasizing that it "is not a UN peacekeeping mission." 

She elaborated on the need for specialized training and vetting for the Kenyan police officers before deployment.

The deployment delay stems from the recent change in government within Haiti.

Ambassador Whitman explained, "the change of government in the Caribbean nation has complicated matters."

However, Kenya's President Ruto has expressed strong support for the mission, highlighting the shared African heritage between Kenya and Haiti.

"He said that Haitians are part of Africans living in different parts of the world," Ambassador Whitman remarked.

Prior to deployment, Kenya has sent reconnaissance teams to assess the situation on the ground in Haiti.

Ambassador Whitman confirmed that "various teams have also been sent on the ground to assess the situation before any deployment could be made."

The international community has reportedly requested Kenya to deploy 1,000 police officers to restore order in the troubled Haitian nation.

The success of the mission will likely hinge on the effectiveness of the training provided and the rapidity with which the U.S.-built camp becomes operational.