In a bid to curb road accidents and enhance pedestrian safety, the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) has taken decisive action by detaining several pedestrians for disregarding available footbridges and designated crossing points.

"This morning, several pedestrians who failed to obey traffic rules were detained. Pedestrians must use available footbridges, walkways, and other designated crossing points to ensure their safety," the Authority emphasized.

The move comes as NTSA intensifies its Usalama Barabarani sensitization campaigns, particularly targeting pedestrians, following the release of alarming statistics.

According to recent data, 384 pedestrians have lost their lives, solidifying their status as the most vulnerable road users.

The Usalama Barabarani Campaign, slated to launch across various counties, aims to educate all road users, with a special focus on pedestrians, about road safety regulations to mitigate accidents.

"Pedestrians must use available footbridges, walkways and other designated crossing points to ensure their safety," NTSA added.

In addition to addressing pedestrian concerns, NTSA has also issued a stern warning to drivers ahead of the Easter holidays.

The authority urged motorists to strictly adhere to traffic rules, emphasizing the importance of avoiding speeding, lane indiscipline, and dangerous overtaking.

"This Easter holiday period, avoid speeding, lane indiscipline, and dangerous overtaking, which are all traffic violations. Plan your journey ahead. Avoid speeding!" NTSA reiterated.

As the Easter festivities approach, NTSA's proactive measures underscore the importance of collective responsibility in ensuring road safety.

By targeting both pedestrians and drivers, the authority aims to foster a culture of compliance with traffic regulations, ultimately reducing the incidence of road accidents and preserving lives.