Joseph Irungu, famously known as Jowie, has taken a bold step in his legal battle following a High Court ruling that sentenced him to death for the 2018 murder of businesswoman Monica Kimani.

In a notice of appeal, Jowie has signalled his intention to challenge both his conviction and subsequent sentencing delivered by Lady Justice Grace Nzioka.

"Take notice that Joseph Kuria Irungu alias Jowie appeals to the Court of Appeal against the decisions of the Honourable Lady Justice Grace Nzioka delivered in open court at Milimani, Nairobi on the 9th day February 2024 and in her written judgment dated 9th February 2024 whereby the Appellant was convicted of Murder and sentenced to death on 13th March 2024," reads the notice, as filed by his advocate Andrew Muge.

The crux of the appeal rests on disputing the conviction and the severity of the sentence, as emphasized by the court document.

Jowie, through his legal representative, has made clear his intention to be present during the appeal hearing, demonstrating his commitment to challenging the verdict.

The case stems from the brutal murder of Monica Kimani at her Lamuria Gardens apartment, a crime for which Jowie was found guilty.

Lady Justice Grace Nzioka, in delivering the maximum sentence for murder, emphasized the gravity of the offence and the impact it had on the victim's life.

"The appeal is against the conviction and sentence," iterated the court document filed on Jowie's behalf, underlining the comprehensive legal challenge being mounted against both aspects of the trial's outcome.

While Jowie's appeal sets the stage for a protracted legal battle, it also reignites public interest in a case that has captured national attention since its inception.

The filing of the appeal marks a pivotal moment in Jowie's ongoing legal saga, presenting an opportunity for a thorough review of the evidence and legal proceedings that led to his conviction.

As the wheels of justice continue to turn, the fate of Joseph Irungu, alias Jowie, hangs in the balance, with his appeal representing a crucial chapter in a case that has gripped the nation's consciousness.