Over 4,000 residents of Karumandi ward in Kirinyaga County can now breathe a sigh of relief with the opening of the Mucagara dispensary.

Officially inaugurated by Governor Anne Waiguru on Friday, the dispensary will cater to the needs of 10 villages within Kirerema and Kariru Sub-Locations.

"This dispensary is a valuable resource for the area residents," Governor Waiguru remarked, highlighting the facility's significance in her healthcare goals.

"It will provide the much-needed access to affordable primary healthcare, which is a critical component of Universal Health Coverage."

Residents will have access to a range of services, including outpatient care, maternal and child welfare services, laboratory testing, and pharmaceuticals.

This marks a significant improvement, as previously, the ward relied solely on the Karumandi Health Center.

"We have come back as part of fulfilling our pledge to improve health service delivery in Karumandi," Governor Waiguru stated.

The opening of the dispensary is expected to significantly reduce the time and cost residents previously incurred while travelling long distances for healthcare.

The Mucagara dispensary is the 12th medical facility opened by Governor Waiguru in the past two years, adding to a portfolio of 20 dispensary projects undertaken during her tenure.

Some of the previously operationalized facilities include the Kerugoya County Referral Hospital, South Ngariama maternity wing, and the Kiamwathi dispensary.

Governor Waiguru outlined further plans to strengthen primary healthcare in the county, including the deployment of 1,205 Community Health Promoters (CHPs) equipped to offer basic health services and referrals to residents.

These CHPs will provide public health education, conduct basic tests, and administer first aid, among other services.

Additionally, they will play a crucial role in monitoring expectant mothers and encouraging them to utilize antenatal care, deliver at healthcare facilities, and attend child welfare clinics.

"We are asking for your support as we promote preventive health since that will help us reduce the disease burden in our county," Governor Waiguru urged residents.

To further streamline healthcare delivery, the County Government has implemented a Hospital Management Information System (HMIS) in Kerugoya County Referral Hospital, with plans to roll it out across all health facilities in the future.

The opening of the Mucagara dispensary represents a significant step forward for Karumandi ward, offering residents increased access to affordable and quality healthcare, ultimately improving their well-being and quality of life.