The Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) has issued a strong statement dismissing a viral notice claiming that newspaper ink is linked to cancer as "FAKE" and urging the public to disregard it.

KEBS confirmed that the notice is entirely fabricated and did not originate from their organization. 

"Public Notice on newspaper petroleum-based printing ink linked to cases of cancer," KEBS stated.

"This Notice is "FAKE" and has not originated from the Kenya Bureau of Standards KEBS."

The notice, which falsely bore KEBS's logo and claimed to originate from the agency, alleged that some Kenyan media houses, namely Nation Media Group and The Standard Group were using unsafe, petroleum-based inks linked to cancer and other health issues.

Listen in the fake notice were newspapers such as The Daily Nation, The East African, Business Daily, Taifa Leo, The Standard and The Nairobian.

It further instructed the public to avoid using newspapers for wrapping food or toilet paper.

The incident underscores the growing prevalence of online misinformation and its potential to cause unnecessary public anxiety.

Verifying information through official sources and exercising caution when encountering sensational claims are crucial steps in combating the spread of misinformation.