In a significant crackdown on international fraud, the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) Operations Support Unit in Nairobi has successfully apprehended eight suspects involved in a staggering USD 439 trillion mega fraud.

The elaborate scheme targeted two foreign businessmen from the Netherlands.

The operation, unfolding at a warehouse in Nairobi, revealed a cache of illicit items, including boxes filled with counterfeit US dollars, suspected stolen jungle fatigues intended for APS officers, military boots, customs reflector jackets, and various other confiscated materials.

The fraudulent plot unfolded when the foreign businessmen were contacted through a WhatsApp call from a number registered under the name 'Canopy Shield Agencies.'

The caller, posing as a customs officer, informed them that their consignment of 40 pallets was being held at the Kenya Customs Warehouse due to an outstanding duty fee of USD 36,000.

The victims, engaged in a cash-on-transit deal involving a staggering USD 439 trillion destined for Dubai from the Central Bank of Togo, were convinced by the caller that the initial batch of 40 pallets contained USD 4 billion.

They were further misled into believing that the funds were being transported through Kenya to facilitate smooth clearance and entry into Dubai.

Upon their arrival at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) and unaware of the ongoing investigation, the foreign nationals sought to clear the purported duty fee promptly.

However, detectives, having received intelligence about the fraudulent activities, discreetly led the victims to the warehouse where the fictitious consignment was supposedly held.

As the eight suspects engaged in persuading their targets to part with USD 36,000, the operations team executed a swift intervention, storming the premises and apprehending the perpetrators.

The arrested individuals, namely Moses Otieno, Peter Aura, Brian Waweru, John Kalombo, Peter Kisanya, Noah Ouma, Charity Njeri, and Mercy Cheptoo, were swiftly transported to police cells.

The investigation is currently ongoing, with the two foreign nationals undergoing interrogations to unravel the intricacies of the fraudulent business deal.

The DCI's success in dismantling this elaborate scheme underscores the commitment to combatting transnational financial crimes and protecting the integrity of international trade.