In a shocking incident that has left Quickmart, a Kenyan supermarket chain, reeling, the company lost an astonishing Sh94,918,750 million in an apparent robbery on Monday while the cash was en route for banking in Nairobi's city centre.

The unfortunate event unfolded early Monday morning when two employees of the security firm Wells Fargo, who were entrusted with transporting the substantial funds, mysteriously vanished.

The police have initiated a manhunt for the missing duo, identified as crew commander Daniel Mungai and driver Anthony Nduiki.

The funds, which represented the entire weekend's sales of Quickmart supermarkets, were scheduled to be conveyed to Family Bank Kenyatta Avenue for safe deposit.

However, the routine transaction took a sinister turn.

A police signal disclosed that Mungai and Nduiki abruptly abandoned their Isuzu Canter vehicle at Dafarm in South C, leaving behind a perplexing absence of both suspects and the substantial sum of money.

The police authorities issued a statement which read, "The said motor vehicle was found dumped at Dafarm area South C, next to the southern bypass, without the suspects and the money missing."

What makes this incident even more unusual is that the two Wells Fargo employees departed without the customary police escort, raising questions about the circumstances surrounding their disappearance.

A police report stated, "Later, the Administration Police Officers waited but did not see them, and it is then that they raised alarm."

Lang’ata Sub-County Police Commander Monica Kimani confirmed the incident and conveyed that they received the report approximately at 10am on Monday.

"We are on the case. However, we have not yet established whether this is the actual figure, but that is what we received from the one who reported it," Kimani stated.

As of the time of this publication, Quickmart had not issued any comments or statements regarding the incident.

At the time of this publication, Quickmart had not provided any comment on the matter, leaving the situation shrouded in mystery and concern within the Kenyan business community.

The unprecedented nature of this incident has prompted heightened scrutiny and raised numerous questions regarding the security protocols and the events leading up to this substantial financial loss.

The manhunt for the missing Wells Fargo employees and the substantial amount of stolen money continues.