In yet another case of kidnapping, detectives have rescued two students who were reported missing on October 27, 2023, after falling into the clutches of kidnappers in Kitengela, Machakos County.

The students, lured to their captors' hideout by a female suspect, were discovered in an AirBnB located in the Elgon View apartments days after their disappearance.

The rescue operation, spearheaded by the Crime Research and Intelligence Bureau of the DCI, culminated in the arrest of two male suspects, Brian Ombasa Omoso, 25, and Humphrey Hinga, 22.

Both individuals are now in police custody, accused of holding the students captive while demanding a ransom of Sh6 million from their parents.

According to investigators, the arrested suspects are believed to have colluded with an unidentified female accomplice, purportedly adept at identifying and ensnaring targeted victims for their illicit motives.

The scheme unfolded when the female suspect, masquerading as "Debbie Zablon," separately enticed the two 21-year-old students to a rendezvous in Nairobi.

Regrettably, the trusting students were subsequently delivered into the hands of their captors.

Unravelling the complex web of deceit, crime researchers meticulously analyzed leads, discovering that the female suspect had utilized a stolen ID card to establish communication with the male students.

Notably, the legitimate owner of the ID card had earlier reported its loss at Lang'ata Police Station, thereby absolving them from involvement in the suspects' machinations.

The harrowing ordeal for the abducted students ended when authorities, through tireless efforts, reunited the hunger-stricken duo with their families.

However, the ordeal served as a stark reminder of the existence of unscrupulous individuals willing to go to extreme lengths for financial gain.

The recovery operation uncovered an imitation pistol, a dagger, subscriber SIM cards utilized to contact the students' parents, counterfeit car registration plates (KDD 881M) seemingly used for transportation, and an assortment of tools from the room where the victims were held.

Amidst a crowd of curious onlookers, the detectives faced challenges escorting the suspects to awaiting police vehicles, as local residents gathered to catch a glimpse and seek retribution from the accused.

The hunt for the female suspect, who remains at large, continues as law enforcement aims to bring all involved parties to justice.