Brian Mwenda, the alleged fake lawyer who was arrested on October 18, has been released on a Sh200,000 cash bail by the Nairobi court.

The decision to grant bail was made by Milimani Chief Magistrate Lukas Onyina, who ruled that the prosecution failed to present compelling reasons to deny the accused bail.

Mwenda, who was arraigned last week, faced six counts, including uttering a false document, making a false document, and possessing a fake practising certificate.

He entered a plea of not guilty to all the charges before Nairobi Chief Magistrate Lukas Onyina.

Politician Mike Sonko who has been following Mwenda's case keenly paid the cash bail that secured his release.

The arrest of Brian Mwenda came about after he was exposed as a fraudulent advocate, subsequently raising questions about his credentials and legal practice.

The case against him will be mentioned in court on November 7.

During the bail hearing, the prosecution argued against granting bail to Mwenda, expressing concerns that he might not attend court proceedings if released.

They also highlighted that Mwenda's behaviour demonstrated a lack of regard for the law, and that he had managed to evade the police for over four days.

The decision to grant bail to Mwenda, despite the prosecution's concerns, suggests that the court has opted for a more balanced approach in dealing with this alleged fake lawyer.

Chief Magistrate Lukas Onyina's ruling underscores the principle of "innocent until proven guilty" and the importance of a fair legal process.

This case has garnered significant attention as it sheds light on the issues of fraudulent legal practitioners, highlighting the need for a stringent verification process within the legal profession.

It remains to be seen how this case will unfold as it proceeds through the legal system, with many observers keenly awaiting the next developments in the coming weeks.