Traffic congestion has paralyzed Magadi Road today as Multimedia University (MMU) students have taken to the streets in protest, demanding the immediate disbursement of Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) finances and voicing concerns about their safety on campus. 

Motorists attempting to navigate Magadi Road are facing a daunting challenge, with reports of massive traffic jams extending from Rongai towards Nairobi CBD.

The congested roadways are a result of the ongoing student strike at MMU, which has effectively blocked multiple lanes and disrupted the flow of traffic.

Students have engaged the police in running battles while they chant their solidarity songs.

They have barricaded the road using boulders, burning tyres and twigs.

Authorities are advising commuters to avoid Magadi Road when travelling between Rongai and Nairobi town due to the student demonstrations.

Instead, motorists are encouraged to take Gataka Road, which provides a safer and more efficient route connecting to Ngong Road.

However, there is some traffic jam on that route since all the vehicles have resorted to using the road.


The strike at MMU began as a response to the delayed HELB disbursements, which have left students in dire financial straits, affecting their ability to meet basic needs and continue with their studies.

The students are demanding immediate action from the university administration and relevant authorities to resolve this issue.

In a parallel development, students from the Cooperative University in Karen, located on an alternate route, have also embarked on a strike.

However, the cause for the Cooperative University student strike is yet to be established.

This simultaneous action by students from two separate universities underscores the growing frustration among Kenyan students regarding issues related to their education and safety.

While the traffic gridlock on Magadi Road serves as a visible consequence of the student strike, it is important to recognize that the strikes at MMU and the Cooperative University highlight broader concerns.

Students are calling for swift action to address their financial challenges and to ensure their safety on campus.

University administrations and relevant authorities must engage with the students to find peaceful and lasting solutions to the issues at hand.